Fiduciary Duty

Houston, Texas and San Antonio, Texas Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorneys

A breach of fiduciary duty is, in essence, a breach of trust. Texas law imposes a strict fiduciary duty in certain business relationships. For example, the duty is owed from:

  • An employee to his employer
  • A lawyer to her client
  • Business partners to one another
  • A trustee to the trust

The fiduciary is under a legal obligation to act for the benefit of the person to whom he owes the duty. A breach of fiduciary duty often involves the fiduciary placing her own interests above the interests of the person who has trusted her. A partner who takes for himself a partnership business opportunity, or a trustee who charges excessive fees, may have committed a breach of fiduciary duty. In these sorts of situations, it is important to have the assistance of attorneys who know how to hold the fiduciary accountable.

If you suspect that someone in a fiduciary role put their own interests ahead of yours, contact Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P. to speak to a Houston lawyer who can help you recover the losses caused by the fiduciary’s misconduct.