Employment Discrimination

Houston Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Employment discrimination can take many forms. Harassment, hostile work environment, or termination based on race, sex or age is illegal. We represent employees and employers in claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and filing lawsuits in federal and state court. If you feel you are involved in an employment discrimination situation, you need strong, experienced legal representation.

Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P., has successfully represented employees and companies in a variety of employment matters. Our experience and results in employment matters speak for themselves. Contact our Houston employment discrimination lawyers online or call 713-225-9600 to speak with an attorney.

Fight Workplace Discrimination, Know Your Rights

There are many issues that can qualify as discrimination at your job, including:

  • Firing for refusal to commit an illegal act
  • Employment harassment based on age, sex, race, religion or national origin
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion or national origin
  • Failure to promote
  • Failure to hire
  • Retaliation or termination for opposing, reporting, or filing a complaint of discrimination
  • Whistleblowing

There are various laws that prohibit employment discrimination. If you have an employment law question, or need representation in an employment dispute, our attorneys can help. We are dedicated to leaving clients better off than when they found us.

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The lawyers at Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P., have spent their careers representing clients mistreated by their employers. We believe that discrimination, no matter what it looks like or how it is packaged, is a serious infringement on the rights of employees everywhere.

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