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When you are facing legal issues, it is important to have effective and knowledgeable counsel on your side. At Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P., our firm is dedicated to standing up for individual and business clients in a wide variety of cases.

For more information about our two main practice areas, business litigation and employment law, contact us today.

Business Litigation

Employment Law
Employment law issues can often cause major problems for an employer or place an employee’s future at risk. Our firm handles employment law cases for employees or employers who are in need of protection. Some of the types of cases we commonly handle are listed below:

Whether you are near Houston or San Antonio, our firm has an office location that can serve your legal needs. We pride ourselves on our proven record of success and work diligently to maintain the favorable reputation our lawyers have gained throughout the legal and local communities.

The last several years showed the wide diversity of our practice:


  • Successfully filed a breach of contract lawsuit and negotiated settlements for numerous medical providers adversely affected by the closing of a local hospital.
  • Represented an executive in preparing his employment agreement as President and CEO of a major oil refiner.
  • Represented an executive in the negotiation of six figure severance agreement and consulting agreement.
  • Advised medical provider in the buyout of a group’s medical practice.
  • Represented numerous high level executives in the negotiation of severance agreements.
  • Settled a lower back injury lawsuit for the gross amount of $725,000 (net to client of $393,178.66, after payment of lien for medical expenses, attorneys’ fees, and litigation costs).


  • Successfully settled a breach of contract business dispute regarding the sale of a business for $500,000.
  • Settled confidentially during trial a dispute between a corporation and its former attorneys.
  • Negotiated a favorable million dollar plus separation package for a high-level executive.
  • Represented Houston energy investment bankers in negotiating separation packages.
  • Negotiated numerous separation agreements for employees and executives with non-competition agreements.
  • Advised medical field employee regarding equal employment opportunity disability claim and initiated claim with the EEOC.
  • Represented Houston company before the EEOC in negotiating a favorable settlement of a sexual harassment charge.


  • On October 29 finished an 8-day trial before Judge Ben Hardin in the 23rd Judicial District Court of Matagorda County, Texas, concerning valuation of an underground salt cavern natural gas storage facility. We are awaiting the Court’s decision.
  • Represented numerous executive and management-level employees of major oil and gas companies in negotiating severance packages.
  • Favorably resolved contentious litigation between parties who had been in business together for many years.
  • Represented a Houston-area company in preparing an employment contract with a key employee.


  • Successfully represented a mid-size company in pressuring its insurer to resolve a multi-million dollar claim filed by a third party.
  • Represented a software executive in obtaining a substantial severance package.
  • Successfully represented company against claims of harassment and retaliation at the EEOC.
  • Represented high-level executive in the preparation of employment agreement with an international company.
  • Obtained favorable settlement for expatriate executive for breach of employment agreement and repatriation.
  • Resolved a bitter dispute between a company and one of its former employees regarding allegations of post-termination unauthorized computer access.
  • Represented an executive in the preparation of his employment contract as President and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.


  • Successfully represented a senior vice president in a lawsuit his former employer filed against him based on alleged wrongful competition. We filed counterclaims for bonuses owed and we obtained dismissal of almost all of the employer’s claims. This resulted in a favorable settlement to our client on his bonus claims, no money was paid on the former employer’s claims, and our client was allowed to continue working with his new employer.
  • Represented a corporate executive who obtained a multi-million dollar separation package from his employer.
  • Successfully negotiated a resolution of claims by a former employer against a salesman for alleged violations of non-competition agreement resulting in our client being able to continue a new business he started.
  • Represented a Houston company accused of firing an employee for refusing to commit a crime. After our firm became involved, the case settled for less than 10% of the terminated employee’s initial monetary demand.
  • Negotiated a substantial settlement of a sexual harassment claim against the CEO of an international company prior to a lawsuit being filed.
  • Successfully reached a confidential settlement of a sexual assault and harassment claim against the owner of a company prior to a lawsuit being filed.
  • Assisted international company with preparation of human resource policies and negotiation of software consulting agreement.


  • Achieved settlement of a royalty dispute involving oil and gas production in the Eagle Ford shale just a few months after filing a lawsuit on behalf of our clients.
  • Represented the Chief Executive Officer of a mid-sized corporation in negotiating a severance agreement with his employer.
  • Reached a confidential settlement in mediation of an ex-employee’s claims under an employment agreement and change in control severance plan.
  • Represented the Chief Financial Officer of a large corporation in negotiating a separation agreement with his employer.
  • Represented the Vice President, Human Resources, of a financial institution in negotiating the post-termination settlement of a claim for unpaid severance under her employment contract.
  • Successfully settled a breach of contract bonus claim against a client’s former employer.
  • Achieved a complete dismissal of plaintiff’s claims (including fraud and conspiracy) against our client, without payment of any settlement, less than three months after we began representing the client.
  • Negotiated a confidential settlement of our client’s harassment and retaliation claims against her former employer before even filing a lawsuit.
  • Prepared employment contracts for a Houston-based company engaged in the construction business.


  • Negotiated a multi-million dollar separation package for the outgoing CEO of a major international corporation.
  • Achieved a substantial, confidential settlement for our client in a lawsuit alleging minority shareholder oppression against two business partners.
  • Represented a terminated employee in a binding arbitration that resulted in his reinstatement with full back pay and benefits.
  • Resolved through settlement the stock option claims of ten employees of a Fortune 100 oil company.
  • Settled the wrongful termination claim of an employee who was fired for refusing to perform an illegal act for his employer.
  • Achieved a settlement of our client’s hostile environment and race discrimination claims against his former employer shortly after suit was filed.
  • Successfully settled prior to a lawsuit being filed the wrongful termination claim of an employee who was fired for refusing to engage in an illegal act for her employer.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement and dismissal of a lawsuit for an employee sued by his former employer for misuse of confidential information and trade secrets.
  • Represented an attorney in the preparation of an employment contract for his position as General Counsel of a Houston-based company.


  • Represented a high-level employee in negotiating a complex separation agreement with his former employer, the U.S. subsidiary of a British company.
  • Resolved through settlement the bonus claims for 10 ex-employees of a Fortune 100 oil company.
  • Resolved through settlement a Sarbanes-Oxley retaliation claim against a multinational corporation.
  • Negotiated the pre-litigation settlement of two ex-employees’ racial discrimination claims against their former employer, a Houston company.
  • Defended a local trucking company in a personal injury lawsuit filed by one of its former employees. After discovery, the case settled for a small fraction of the plaintiff’s initial monetary demand.
  • Represented the CEO of one of Houston’s premier arts organizations in the renewal and extension of his employment contract.
  • Represented a minority shareholder on claims of oppression and breach of contract. We negotiated terms for resolving the dispute, and had a binding settlement agreement signed by all parties, less than two weeks after the client retained us.


  • Successfully resolved through settlement the claims of 12 ex-employees of a Fortune 100 oil company for benefits under a change in control severance plan.
  • Represented as lead trial counsel a San Antonio inventor against a major international law firm in a month-long jury trial. That jury ruled in favor of our client and returned one of the largest legal malpractice verdicts ever in Texas. The case settled confidentially before entry of judgment. The National Law Journal/Verdict Search in 2010 released its annual list of the Top 100 jury verdicts in the U.S. This case was ranked as the 25th largest verdict in the nation for 2009. Read more.
  • Represented Dr. Elsa Murano, the outgoing President of Texas A&M University, in her highly-publicized transition back to the university’s faculty. Read more.
  • Resolved through settlement a sexual harassment lawsuit against the CEO of a privately-held company.
  • Negotiated a severance package for an executive with one of the world’s largest oil companies.
  • Represented Harry Page, a long-time sportswriter for the San Antonio Express-News, in a lawsuit against the newspaper. The Court denied the newspaper’s motion for judgment as a matter of law, and the case settled shortly thereafter. Read more