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The attorneys at Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P., have successfully represented shareholders in various types of litigation, including breach of fiduciary duty, minority oppression cases, fraud and self-dealing.

For example, we represented a minority shareholder who had been terminated from employment. The majority shareholders wrongfully attempted to take control of his stock. We took the initiative and filed suit and immediately initiated extensive discovery. As a result, we were able to obtain damaging testimony from the majority shareholder during depositions. After a few months, we were able to negotiate a favorable resolution.

In November 2010, we represented a minority shareholder on claims of oppression and breach of contract. We negotiated favorable terms for resolving the dispute, and had a binding settlement agreement signed by all parties, less than two weeks after the client retained us.

Early in 2011, we negotiated the substantial, confidential settlement of our client’s lawsuit for minority shareholder oppression, resulting in a buyout of our client’s interest.

If you have been promised dividends, voting rights, positions in the business, or other shareholder rights and have not received them, or have been the victim of other shareholder violations, you may be entitled to compensation.

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