Non-Competition Agreements and Trade Secrets

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We have extensive experience handling business disputes involving trade secrets, confidential information and non‑competition agreements. Sometimes we are retained after a former employer has already filed an injunction suit. In these cases, we have frequently been successful in defeating requests for injunctive relief and enabling new businesses to flourish. In one case, we successfully defeated a management consulting firm’s request for an injunction to prevent two former employees from competing for oil & gas clients. In another case, we successfully defeated a former employer’s request for an injunction to prevent two former employees from operating a newly formed environmental equipment business.

Unfair business practices can lead to the dismantling of a business and the loss of employment within an employee’s specialized field. Texas unfair competition attorneys at Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P. will help you enforce or defend against such claims. If you have an employment contract with a covenant not to compete, talk to us before you sign it. We will ensure your employability and rights remain intact.

Federal Complaints and State Lawsuit Filing

We handle cases in federal and state courts.

Whether filing a complaint with a federal agency to enforce federal law or filing a lawsuit over a non‑competition agreement, misappropriation of trades secrets or confidential information, or other anti‑competitive practice, we fight to win. Our clients are valuable and we take seriously the responsibility entrusted to us. We listen to them and negotiate, arbitrate, and litigate accordingly.

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For more information regarding a non-competition agreement claim, contact Carter & Bachynsky, L.L.P.. Our San Antonio and Houston non-competition lawyers have significant legal experience representing clients throughout the United States in business and employment litigation.

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